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Waterloo Ice Dogs Festival
I'll be at the Ice Dogs Festival this Saturday in UpTown Waterloo. We've got Brad Pattison from At the End of My Leash with us this year and I'll be running him around. If you're looking for me while you're there, his schedule will be on the insert of the festival program.

Hope to see you there with your kids and dogs! Check out the website with all the happenings:

SPARKS 2011 - Merchants
Joining the Merchant team this year is Whispering Willows.

We aim to provide you with an uplifting, educational and positive shopping experience as well as a relaxing therapeutic healing session. We feature therapeutic supplies, holistic products and gifts to assist you on your journey to wholeness and a fulfilling life. Our products are selected for their high quality, usefulness, beauty and meaningful significance.

We also offer Reiki and Reflexology in one-hour sessions along with Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and the Ionspa Foot Detox, with the intent to add other healing modalities in the future.

To learn more visit their website HERE.

Get your SPARKS Symposium 2011 tickets early and take advantage of the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Hope you will join us!

For Pundigrion
This year at SPARKS we've got a workshop on spinning! Here's the description and check out the SPARKS website for more workshops and lectures. Plus, this year, a concert with the Dragon Ritual Drummers! WOOT!

Rhonda Baird
Visionary Art of Spinning and Weaving

Fibre arts have a long tradition of being part of both "women's work" and "women's creative expression". From ancient times, women have transformed the duty of creating necessary goods for family and community into a deeply personal and often spiritual expression. A movement of reclaiming of these ancient arts is currently underway. Not just the explosion of interest in knitting and crocheting, but taking the expression a step further into the creation of one's own wool and yarn for use. Spinning and weaving have become, for many, part of a daily practice that is akin to meditation: a form of active meditation as a doorway into creative expression.

This workshop offers a brief glimpse of the history of spinning and weaving, looking at the history of these fibre arts from archeological records and journals, as well as presenting hands-on practice with drop spindles and insights into how to use spinning and weaving as part of a daily practice. In a busy world with a large impetus to disposable consumer goods, the act of creation through ancient methods often becomes a labour of love, devotion and beautiful expression. This workshop shows you how. (Materials will be supplied or can be purchased for a low cost. No sheep necessary)

Throwing Classes in Kitchener
Eric/Sookie 2
A friend and amazing ceramics professional, Natalie Prevost, has let me know about classes in her new studio in Kitchener. For whoever is interested, here's the info:

Hey everyone! Its that time again :) classes are starting up for 2011 JANUARY 3/4/5/6th i have one spot left on Tue and 2 left on wed

Monday and Thursday night spots still available the class is 8 weeks)
Start time - 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

• Cost: $250 includes first bag of clay + $12 (tools) if you need them Please let me know what night is good for you.

The classes are at the new studio in Kitchener GLOBE STUDIOS located at 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener, Ontario. - Studio # 23 there is a map on my website or

Great Website - This is pretty much how I eat now
For those of you interested in avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar....I give you this:

I might be a little late to the party but I just found this site this morning and am squeeing with happiness.

SPARKS Symposium
7 Keynote Lectures and 18 Workshops provides something for everyone at the SPARKS Symposium! Visit our website and see what we're offering this year. Registration is simple and affordable for this comprehensive, weekend event!

Visit our website HERE!

SPARKS Symposium
Join Jessie Allison, N.D. for her workshop, Voice and Choice in Medical Care: Naturopathic Approaches.

Dr. Allison will discuss the various different naturopathic approaches including the fundamental building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. Topics will include:

Review of Naturopathic Modalities:
Vitamins & Minerals

How to maintain your Pillars of Health through:
· Healthy eating
· Proper sleep
· Stress reduction
· Improved digestive function
· Optimal immune system health-happy hormones

Register today! Symposium Passes, Day Passes and Weekend Accommodations are all available and affordable. Visit

SPARKS Symposium
Join Author/Minister/Counselor, Elizabeth Cunningham at the SPARKS Symposium for her Keynote Lecture, The country of the heart: Mary Magdalen (aka Maeve) as Mediator. To check out Elizabeth's novels on Mary Magdalen, visit her website.

SPARKS Symposium
Join Registered Massage Therapist, Chris Tennant at the SPARKS Symposium for his Keynote Lecture Massage as an Interconnected Healing Modality.

To register for the SPARKS Symposium visit

To learn more about Chris Tennant, visit his website.


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